Welcome to the 2015 #TeddyOlympics  
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Welcome to the #TeddyOlympics Events
Here are the events for the 2015 #TeddyOlympics games.
Spencer and Olly designed these games with teddy love and caring and they
are open to ALL anipals - bears, dinkers, dogs, cats, ferrets, sheep, turtles...

To see this years entries please...
Click on the Events below!

#TeddyOlympics Rings


Click here to see the Hugs event!
Hugs are the classic #TeddyOlympics event - paws open wide and cuddle!

  Click here to see the Naps event
Naps are a really popular event. Get comfortable and Zzzzzz... 

Click here to see the Pose event
Strike a pose! Stand in front of a landmark or on one paw... strike that pose!


Click here to see the Spawts event
Spawts are sporty anipals and stuffies showing their moves. Sport with a paw.


Click here to see the Treats event!
Olly's favourite treats are cakes. Archie Fuzzy and Nyami Baboon love comics. What's your favourite treat?



Click here to see the Woogling event
Woogling is that joyful rolling around on your back - fox poo is optional! 



How do I enter the #TeddyOlympics events
The #TeddyOlympics closed to entries on 11th July 2015.


If you need help ask our #TeddyOlympics organisers
If you have questions about the games please just ask our #TeddyOlympics organisers:

Our Teddy Helpers for the events on Twitter!


  2015 #TeddyOlympics


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